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Program : Braitenberg Vehicles Version 2.0

Omid Mikhchi (, 2006

Description : Based on Valentino Braitenberg's book "Vehicles" this is a program that allows you to make your own vehicles with unlimited number of sensors and stimuli attached. For now this program ends on chapter 3 of the book future versions will include newer parameters to change the vehicle (like threshoulds).


UP = create stationary stimulus of type 1
DOWN = create stationary stimulus of type 2

click once on any stimulus and a indicator pops on it that allows you to change its position to the mouse position move mouse after a stimulus has been clicked changes the stimulus position to that of the mouse position click again and it releases the stimulus and removes the indicator allowing you to click on another stimulus

Preview : Right now two vehicles exist that are each wired to LOVE a certian stimulus that also happens to be on the opposite vehicle I can only explain the behavior as "Mating Dance" you can judge for yourself. Experiment by adding/changing the sensors, stimuli, or adding more vehicles go CRAZY! Once you get the hang of it its hard to stop playing with them.

Source code: World Controls Sensor Stimulus Vehicle

Built with Processing